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Standing in the rain with your thumb out and a smile stuck on your face ain’t easy

This past weekend we participated in our first official Howdy Queso event. It was a food and artist market at the beautiful Westergasfabriek in Amsterdam.

NeighbourFood Market

We felt as prepared as we could be. The newly finished bicycle food cart looked amazing and the trendy Westergasfabriek was a lovely backdrop. However, the rainy and cold weather that day really got us down. There is no other way to say it, our sales were just dismal. The day was disappointing, but we also learned from the experience. We learned when people want to eat our food and what they specifically like. We learned more about how to get them interested in our strange and spicy snack. And I learned starting a business is a lot like hitchhiking. Now, hear me out… Continue reading “Standing in the rain with your thumb out and a smile stuck on your face ain’t easy”

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Hungry for Home


I am now just a little more than three months into my new life in the Netherlands. Yesterday I celebrated my first Koningsdag in the Netherlands. Koningsdag, or King’s Day for you non-Dutchies, is a nationwide birthday party for the King of the Netherlands. People wear bright orange and fill the streets and canals with live music, beer drinking, and hawking old junk. I have a theory that the Netherlands is trying to either toughen me up or make me prove how committed I am to living in the country. So this Koningsdag brought some of the worst spring weather in decades. In fact, the media proclaimed it was colder than Christmas. Continue reading “Hungry for Home”